Rotary Foundation

Ayoola O Oyedokun

(District Governor 2021-22)


a. Objectives:
i. To encourage strategic partnership of corporate organizations with the District
ii. To produce at least one Arch Klump Society (AKS) Member every three (3) years
iii. To produce 10 Major Donors and 100 Paul Harris Fellows (PHF) every Rotary Year.

b. Implementation Strategy
i. Achieve participation by 100% of clubs in the District by supporting and contributing to The Rotary Foundation annually.
ii. Every Club in the District must contribute a minimum of One Hundred Dollars ($100) every Rotary year, while Rotarians are encouraged to contribute a minimum of (Ten Dollars) $10 each.
iii. Grow the total giving to the Annual Program Fund each Rotary year by a Minimum of $300,000 to boost subsequent District Dedicated Fund (DDF) accruing to the District.
iv. The District Governor is counseled to make the appointment of the District Grants Sub Committee Chair to be for a three (3) year tenure to ensure sustenance and continuity.
v. A District wide drive to sustain the Keep Polio at Zero initiative is to be maintained
vi. The District Governor is encouraged to give priority to clubs that contribute to The Rotary Foundation in the allocation of District Grants Sokoto and FCT.

i. Increase the number of clubs annually that earn the EREY Award.
ii. Promote the Paul Harris Society and increase membership by 10 members annually.
iii. Encourage all clubs to plan a quarterly Foundation focused program to emphasize the value and benefits of The Rotary Foundation.
iv. Grant Management Seminars should be made compulsory and as a precondition for accessing Grants so that Clubs may have well trained Rotarians as her Grants Chair. This will encourage better project management and Stewardship.
v. Clubs to continue to partake and monitor routine polio immunization in their respective adopted Local Government Areas LGA and beyond.
vi. Encourage Clubs and Rotarians to be actively involved in the World Polio Day activities and partner with the Nigerian National Polio Plus Committee.

d. Performance indicators
1. Contributions to the Rotary Foundation will increase.
2. There will be decrease in the number of non-giving Rotary Clubs.
3. There will be decrease in the number of non-giving Rotarians in the District. Net contribution of $300,000 minimum every Rotary year will be encouraged as follows:
• 10 new Major Donors $100,000
• 100 new Paul Harris Fellows (PHF) $100,000
• EREY by Rotarians $150,000
• Other Donations by Non Rotarians & Corporate Organizations $50,000
• 1 AKS every three years $250,000